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Employee Testimonials


John Hamman, Associate Professor

“The students. I have never taught anywhere else that has such a rich mixture of students. They enter my classes with a wide variety of skills, motivations, and ages. Watching them develop and change over the course of the semester is a real reward. The satisfaction I get from seeing some of my students as they succeed in subsequent courses and embark on their careers is what makes teaching here so enjoyable.”

Muhammad Kehnemouyi, Interim Dean of Science, Engineering, and Technology

“I like working at MC because I love teaching and that is the focus at MC- enriching the lives of students.  I love seeing the moment when the proverbial light bulb goes off above a student’s head and you know that at that moment they are forever changed, and are empowered with a knowledge that they never before possessed. The academic environment at MC is very supportive and it is a place where students, faculty, and staff flourish while carrying out the mission of the College.”

Greg Malveaux, Associate Professor

“I have always had a deep passion for understanding the cultures and ideals of people from around the world. At Montgomery College, the pleasure in interacting with the most diverse population of students imaginable daily fulfills my passion.”


Dada Akitobi, Admission & Registration Assistant

“I like working at Montgomery College for various reasons, but the most important of them is the opportunity it gives me to serve the community at large. It has always been my life ambition to work with people of all ages, and haven worked at the Admissions & Records office for a little over ten years, my dream has been realized manifold times. I truly appreciate the privilege of being part of an institution that is in the business of changing lives. The spirit and the aura around the campus every morning when I am blessed to make it here is indescribable. Montgomery College’s administrators, faculty, staff, and students represent a family unit of great diversity and compassion. The atmosphere at the college is unlike any other, so much so that I look forward to each working day with great expectation. The fabrics of our lives are neatly and tightly sewn together and on each commencement day, we celebrate the beautiful end product, our graduating students. Like a body, every part is important in achieving, and maintaining the integrity of the college.”

Transcie Almonte, WD & CE Senior Program Assistant

"I enjoy what I am doing and appreciate the people I work with for their teamwork and support. I meet people from different cultures, particularly the students. I feel that as long as a person has commitment and works hard, opportunities exist for one’s personal and professional growth."

Reginald Cabrera, Building Service Supervisor

“I’ve enjoyed working at Montgomery College because of the pleasant work environment, the educational opportunities available, and as one of the building service supervisors I’ve learned that every day presents a different challenge.”

James Fowlkes, Warehouse Supervisor

“I more than like working at the college I love it. The family feel is irreplaceable and though everyone may not always agree we all have a common goal to keep Montgomery College as a outstanding community college. It’s like being on a team working to reach the championship (one team with one goal). Working at the MC you know that it’s about the development of the students, but you also have a wonderful professional development programs for the staff that could match any University. After venturing out to work at another University I’ve come to cherish what I have at MC even more. MC does invest in its employees and I have realized that the dynamics for success as a staff member aren’t readily available everywhere as at MC.”

Bernice Grossman, Alumni Assistant

“Working at Montgomery College has truly been one of the highlights of my life. There are no two days alike since the work is never boring. I love the diversity of the work force and the friendly feeling you have with the people you work directly with. Long and lasting friendships have been made over the years and this is certainly a plus in any work place. The additional professional development opportunities are also available and I find these to be most productive. There is a real sense of pride to hear from people who have attended MC and how they loved their Professors and this is just an added feeling to working in this type of environment. I am truly grateful for the opportunity of being at Montgomery College and the wonderful perks I have received over the years.”


Margaret Latimer, Associate Dean

“PCP – The people, the challenges, the potential.

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators create a culture that is rich in diversity by any definition.  We embrace learning and scholarship by challenging ideas and dissecting issues.   We are starting anew and continuing down already rich pathways.   We value creativity and excellence.  We seek to tap the potential in all of us – to do more, better than we thought possible.  As a math professor and department chair, I meet students who greet a math class with the same enthusiasm they reserve for an IRS audit or root canal, and the challenge is to move them forward and help them see that math is a rose, by another name.  And there are students whose ability to soar requires only that I get out of their way.  I will be forgotten and much of the math I have taught will not be retained, but being given the privilege to teach someone, to inspire – I hope, and to play even a small role in helping an individual reach a goal - is to touch the future"

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